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The X-L Internet Archive
All of us consult our favorite search engines daily to get critical information.  Imagine if the Internet went dark due to disaster. What would you do?
Introducing the X-L Internet Archive, a completely self-contained terabyte repository of critical lifesaving information. This system comes with a fully configured laptop, an easy to use search engine, a solar power charging system, and an 80 dB EMP hardened case.
This archive was designed to be a singular resource for disaster preparedness.  Using the provided search engine is as easy as using your favorite search on the Internet.  A list of documents responsive to your query is displayed, and opening them is as easy as clicking a weblink.
“We use Internet search engines every day to get critical information. 
What if the Internet went dark?”
Specific Topics Included on a 2 Terabyte External Drive:
Over 25,000 classic books, including the Bible
More than 500 Military FMs
Full Wikipedia with images
Over 500 instructional and interesting preparedness videos
High resolution imagery over select cities
Landsat satellite imagery of the lower 48 States in color
Stan and Holly Deyo's Prudent Places and other great prepper resources
Emergency medicine, drug dosages, and dentistry
Farming and Animal husbandry
Firearm reloading information and ballistics
Water purification
NBC protection and survival
Alternative power
Radio frequencies across the U.S. / HF included with Ham radio software
Worldwide satellite programs and frequencies
Bio-diesel / wood-gas / etc
Computer utilities, Open Office, and Linux operating systems
Sun-Moon Calculators
Prevailing wind direction and speed, thousands of US cities
FCC radio tower information and ownership
FAA charts
...and much more!
Free Archive Sample Download
A 20 GB sample of the Archive with guides, manuals, utilities, and imagery! 
Free Archive Download
Information Brochure
Specifications and contents of the Stand-Alone Archive and Laptop:
Archive Brochure
Archive updates offered annually on a 128 GB USB memory stick.
System Includes:
Laptop with power supply
Archive on 2 TB hard drive and operational instructions
Search engine license
Solar panel with charge controller, inverter, and battery
DVD Player / Burner
EMP hardened container for the above
Total Delivered: $1,855 (+state tax for WY residents only)
Laser printer with large EMP container, 1kW inverter, extra toner, and large battery
Extra archive hard drive for the system above
Large archive workcenter with four laptops, two laser printers, archives, power system, and EMP storage cases - delivered, installed, and on-site training.   Call for pricing.
Annual archive update on a 128 GB USB memory stick
Contact Mike Carden at X-L Cyber Systems with the contact form below, or call (720) 367-5041 for more information and ordering.  You can visit the secure purchasing site at   http://www.ebay.com/itm/152351267341?ul_noapp=true
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